Can I assign a material to Tags?

Hi guys,

Sorry for the newbie question. I come from other software and I am used to assigning material to layers so that all objects in that layer get the same material. Moreoever, I can change displays from layer color to material so that I can easily identify which objects have which material and to correct errors when geometry that is not supposed to be glass is in glass layer.


Layers are named Tags these days. If you open the Tags tray you can see a + button, for you to add your own tags. Each tag has a color, and you can either change that color with a color wheel, or you can import an image to use instead. On Mac you can assign one of the built in textures, but on Windows you would have to get the material for the tag color from the external file that you had also imported to use as a material.

In the upper right of the Tags tray there is a Color by Tag option. Clicking on that will make all of the objects appear to have the tag assigned material. Clicking the button again will reveal what material you really assigned to those faces.