Paint bucket doesn't work


Hi guys.
for some reason, paint bucket doesn’t work on any surface in my model.
I made a new rectangle next to my model to try and paint it and it didn’t work at well.

any ideas?


What do you have the Face Style set to? It needs to be set to Shaded or Shaded with Textures to show the Paint Bucket doing anything. Look under View>Face Style.


Dave while you’re here and on the same subject: is there an easy way to select all surfaces and change to default material? A crossing or window seems to select everything, but when you change the material, often the back sides of the surfaces remain the same. I don’t know of a solution outside of selecting each individual surface and changing both sides one at a time.


If the back faces are visible, you can access them with the Paint Bucket tool.

Might just be easier to delete the material from the In Model collection.

I think TIG has a tool that can help but I need to look it up.


Select all of the faces.
Entity Info > Material icon > Choose default material.

If the material is applied to a group or component-instance select it and set its material to the default using Entity Info…


My mistake. Do what TIG wrote.

Why are you painting back faces anyway. There’s normally no need to do so.


It was Shaded with texture and didnt work. then i changed to shaded and suddenly i saw the colors.
Can you explain me what is the difference and why did it happen?

Thank you very much and thanks for the quick response.


You should see the colors/materials using Shaded With Textures, too. What graphics card? Your profile is incomplete on that topic.

Look in Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Fast Feedback. Does that change anything?


(sorry to hijack the thread, itay. I was typing all this out when you replied. I was hoping your issue was resolved)

Allow me to elaborate:

Say I downloaded a plant from 3D Warehouse and I want to change all the leaves to dark red. I double-click until I see that each individual leaf is colored green. I want to change the material of each leaf to Default so I can escape out and change all the leaf colors at the same time.

I select all the leaves with a crossing or window.

I click on Entity Info > Material Info

I choose Default.

Rotating up, I see the bottom surfaces have not changed. But on the right, I still see the Default icon in the Entity Info.

But when I individually select one surface, it shows both sides of the surface in the Entity Info box.

Is there a way to actually select all surfaces when selecting everything and trying to change the color?


With a complete explanation it is much easier to make a recommendation. Try using ThomThom’s MaterialTools to remove the materials. Or as I suggested earlier, you could just delete the material from the In Model collection. SketchUp will replace the material with the default material.



If I wanted to keep this material on other entities, however, I would need to do it the old way?


Did you try ThomThom’s Material Tools? It’s Remove from Selection works for me. You could also use his Material Replacer. Both are available in the Extension Warehouse.


Ah, okay. Excellent! This has perplexed me for years!


Its working in both cases now.
Thank you!

but what does it mean? so ill know for next time


Itay, I believe the paint bucket was working, you just couldn’t see it because your face style wasn’t displaying colors or materials. I always keep “Shaded with Textures” selected.