What's happening with the Paint Bucket?

I select it, hover over the surface and click but nothing happens. I’ve used the tool other times, but never had this issue. Am I missing something here, or not doing something properly? Please help.
Thank you

Without anything else to go on I would guess that you have the style set to Monochrome.
Go View/Face Style and tick Shaded or Shaded with textures and see if that fixes it for you.

Hi, it was set to ‘shaded with textures’. I changed it to ‘shaded’ but still is unresponsive. What else could be the problem?

Without seeing the model or at least a screen shot I’ve very hard to guess.

I’m not sure what exactly you would need to see. I’ve followed the same process and I just want to apply texture. I’ve created groups, but I have done that before and I hardly think that would affect. There’s nothing locked. or components created, just a hall unit, like a bookcase in three groups.

Well it would help to see it and what you are doing because it may be ,for example, that you have painted the surfaces already inside the group and now you are trying to paint the group from outside, if that was the case nothing would appear to change.
So without seeing your model or at least a screen shot or even a video of what you are doing …

I could send a pic or something. But I don’t think what you are saying applies here. I think even if you have painted something, once you try to apply the bucket again, it will prompt you to choose a texture. I couldn’t have painted it because I’m just starting to attempt to apply the bucket now.

this is a 2d image. I’m not sure if it helps.
Thanks again

Have you chosen a texture? or is the bucket only painting with default?

it does nothing. I select the bucket, go to the surface and click. It does nothing.

Are you choosing a colour?

I don’t get the materials box to choose a color even. It doesn’t show.

From what I remember after you chose the bucket you clicked on the object and that window with the colors will pop up. Am I right?

If you are using SU2015 the material window should open when you select the bucket tool, if it isn’t it may be hiding off screen. Go Window/Preferences/Workspace and click the reset workspace button.

If you are using SU2016 then the material dialog will be in the default tray.

Either way, without clicking a material there is nothing for the bucket to paint with.

The window should be displayed immediately after you click on the Paint Bucket tool. If you aren’t seeing it, you likely have it opening up off screen. Go to the Window menu, click on Preferences>Workspace and Reset Workspace. Click OK and then try the Paint Bucket again.

Thank you both for your help. I had just updated to the 16’ version and now the materials window opens on the side under the default tray. Not very convenient. Maybe that can be changed to have it open on the working space. . thanks again.

If you really like it floating over the drawing space, you can unpin the tray or you can make a custom tray with just the Materials window. I don’t know why you’d want it covering part of your model space, though. That to me would be inconvenient. I find the tray to be very useful but then I’ve set up SketchUp with those windows on the right, outside the drawing window since the windows were introduced.

You might be right. It just works a bit different with this version. But thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate it.

The windows don’t naturally just float loose. Try it with the default setup for a week or so and see what you think. With all the windows you’d use available and never covering your drawing space, I think you’ll find it’s actually useful.

One more q. Dave. Why do you think the 3d warehouse is not showing in the new window? I get the message “Navigation to the webpage was canceled”. It also said the same thing when I tried to open it with the previous version.