Material Swatch icons inside the Entity Info Dialog Box

Can Anyone explain why these symbols dont seem to correspond to the colors of the entity that i have selected in the model.

for components and groups… i see a single swatch (but component has many faces) and the swatch doesnt show any of the colors that are in the entity that is selected)

I don’t fully understand what you try to say, but I think you don’t understand how materials work in SketchUp.

You can assign a material to each side of a face and you can assign a material to a group or a component. But you have one special material, the ‘default material’. When the default material is attached to a face (if you draw a face the default material is automatically attached to the face) and the face is part of a group or component, the face will get the material of the group or component.

I am trying to decipher your message: Are you looking at the Entity Info window? If a component is painted with a material “from the outside”, the window would display that material, whatever the faces within the component or group are painted with. When you paint a whole component with a material, only the faces within that use the Default material are affected.


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When you paint a group from the outside, all default material faces within (both front and back) will “display” the material applied to the group.

However, it is the group that bears the material attribute, not the default faces within the group, they’re still the default material.