Select all entity with the same Definition

Hello. I want to select every group that has the same definition in sketchup. I have 300 fences in my model, all of them have the same definition in the model info. How can select al of them at the same time. Thanksp

Find the component in the In Model components collection. Right click on its thumbnail and choose Select Instances.

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Thanks very much.
It was so easy。. Thank you.

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ThomThom’s Selection Toys adds this to the context menu, in case you don’t want to manually search through the component list for the component you are already looking at.


But group definitions should not appear in the “In Model” collection.

Is there a workaround for groups using the Outliner ?

Correct; since the panel is for components.

I guess you could select all the groups with the same name. That’s not especially useful if you just let SketchUp name the groups, though.

FYI - I asked because the OP specifically said …

But you gave OP an answer for components, and that seemed to satisfy. Perhaps the terminology was incorrect to begin with, but … I still wondered, if it really was groups could it done.

ADD: Of course I do know how to do it with Ruby. :wink:

Good point. I gave an incorrect answer. Interestingly, it seems to be the answer he was looking for.

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Hello. Yes. In my question I said group. But really i was trying to select components and many copies of them. Sorry for that.

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Not a big deal. Both questions are valid. Group selection would best be down with an extension.