Finding all instances of a component

SketchUp Pro 22.0.353 on iMac running OS Big Sur 11.7

Is there a way to select all instances of a component, even if that component is embedded in another component? I expected to see ALL instances of a component when I select the component and then right click and go to, Select > All Instances, but it doesn’t. It does not show those instances of that component that are part of another component. If I open the encompassing component and then click on the individual component, I do see all instances that are in all instances of the encompassing component but not instances of the component that are outside the encompassing component. However, the Entity window does show the total count of all instances of the component, wherever they are.

No. It won’t. That’s intended to select all instances of the component in the current context. Might be possible for a script to be written to identify all instances of a component however I don’t think it’s possible to select components that are nested inside of different component or groups.

What is the intended nest step after selecting the instances? Maybe you need to leverage nested components more or maybe you don’t need to use so much nesting at all. I see a lot of models from others that have excessive nesting.

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It is not difficult to identify all instances of a component using the Ruby API, but just as with the GUI tool it is not possible to add objects from different contexts to the selection at the same time. What would you be looking to do to them if you could select them all? Maybe there is another way.

Selection Toys - for changing layer/tag or component, V-Ray - for changing material
(If identical components are assigned the same tag)

Profile updated. I work with (help) a lot of users on another type of forum and most of the time the first question I have to ask is which version of the app they are using and what OS, so I guess I’m used to the importance of that simple data. If it’s not an issue, I’ll probably still provide that info whenever I ask a question on this forum.

I stepped into the issue about identifying component instances while working on my wood storage rack. (By the way, I’m having fun using the extensions you steered me toward). I set up a couple of scenes with all the parts for the shelf and base respectively so I could export to Layout to produce dimensioned 2D “cut” diagrams. I got the shelf parts all set up and started working on the base parts. I was in the process of dimensioning the Layout sheet for the base parts when I noticed that parts that should be mirror-image of other parts were not. I went back to SketchUp and checked the component name. Lo and behold, two identical components had different names and I do not remember flipping any parts. I have no idea how I ended up with identical components with different component names but it was in the process of trying to track down which components were used where that led me to this current question.

In this model I use one nested level so I can assemble the individual shelf and base components into a “shelf” and “base” component. That makes it easier to stack up the shelves on the corner & center supports. So, no, I’m not going crazy with nesting. I agree that too much nesting becomes more of a liability than an asset.

I know, long story, but again, you did answer my question so thanks for that. I just though maybe there was a hot key or something that I was missing, but there isn’t so okay.

Thanks for your response. Please see my reply to Dave’s response.

Thanks for your response but I’m all set, for now.