Is there a way to find where a nested component is?

I have made a model with several components, many are nested within other components. I can select all instances of a component when I’m at the same component/group level, but I’d like to be able to show them all, regardless of level, or at least from my current level downward.

Is there a way to do that? Maybe in addition to that, show what components are in use and which aren’t, without having to delete all unused components?

Are you using the Outliner Panel to help in your efforts?.. If not, I think that might be useful to get into.

No, thx for that. It looks like exactly what I need.

Be wary of Outliner if you are using an older version, it can slow things down if you leave it open all the time. Best to just open it when you need it.
This has been fixed in newer versions.

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Good to know. Thx.