How to edit the properties of a Component in the Components Tray Edit Tab by selecting the Component?

Hi Forum. Something I have not been able to figure out.

Say you have a model with 1000’s of components. You can see a component on screen in front of you that does not face the camera, so you would like to edit the properties of it in the “Components Tray” so that it will “Always face camera” or “Shadows face sun”.

But you can’t. There does not seem to be any link between the “Components Tray” and what you are selecting in the model.

Currently the only way I can find to do it, is to select the component, look up its “Definition” name in the “Entity Info Tray”. Then open the “Components Tray”, view by “List”, Scroll down through to the 1000’s of components alphabetical list, find the component with the same name, select it , switch to the “Component Tray” “Edit Tab” and edit it.

One would assume either:

  1. When you select a component, it will automatically pop up in the “Component Tray” “Select Tab”
  2. You should be able to right click the component on screen and select edit in component tray
  3. There should be a paint dropper type button in the “Component Tray” “Select Tab” to select a component to allow you alter its properties

But there are no such options.

Am I missing something?

an extension

plus need TT_lib2

I am not sure if that extension actually select it in the component panel and make it active to edit.
I always use ‘Save as’. Open that model and then use the Model info panel to adjust it’s properties.

Then reload.

That extension is exactly what I need. Thanks!