A Couple of Questions

  1. Why does the Default Tray automatically appear when I open SU? Is there a setting I’ve missed?

  2. After having created a Component, is there any way to access the panel where comments can be added if one failed to add them when creating the component?

You can set the default tray to not show if you’d rather not see it.

You can edit information about the component in Entity Info and under the Edit tab in the Components window, both of which can and probably should be displayed in the default tray

Thanks, Dave!!

I found the Default Tray Show/Hide option but am still having difficulty with revising a component description. If one forgets to put a description in when creating a component, how does one add it later?

In the pic, you can see the component highlighted and the Default Tray showing Entity Info. Note that there is no panel for Description.

Go to the Components window, click on the little house icon to make sure you’re looking at the In Model library. Select the component and click the Edit tab. Add the description in the blank box under the Defintion name.

I just tried to do this and the options to change the name and description are grayed out. I’d also like to add me as the creator. Any ideas?

I just got the editing option to open by clicking the picture icon.

[quote=“fidellaty, post:5, topic:23451”]
I just tried to do this and the options to change the name and description are grayed out.[/quote]

Can you share the component? Privately if you don’t want to upload it publicly.

Click the middle of the three buttons in the lower left corner.

Which picture icon?

Here are screenshots. The picture icon at the very top left in the 3rd ss (opened editing). BUT, the description and credit wasn’t retained. Picture Frame.skp (18.7 KB)

…dots to seperate

UPDATE: I think my model isn’t in the right location. When I clicked the little house it disappeared.

You can’t edit the name of the component unless it is in the model. It looks like you selected the Edit tab while you had the frame selected in the folder called Components. Once it is in the In Model library, you would be able to edit the name in the Components window.

What do you mean by model library?

In Model library. It’s the library of components in the SketchUp file. When you click on the Home button (house icon) in the Components window, it takes you to the In Model library. You can also select “In Model” from the drop down menu.

I see. Nothing I seem to do is working regarding this and it’s just not that big of a deal at this time. Maybe it will be an aha moment later. I could have recreated the frame with all the correct info in the time it’s taken me to try to figure this out … smiley face. Thanks!

What is it that you really want to do?

I was just going to designate it as the 2" frame that I made, not to be confused with others from the warehouse. But it really doesn’t even qualify as being “component worthy”. I will just save it as a model and save as… to resize.

Maybe another tutorial?

I think I will try another practice run, or two, or three. But I do have another (probably simple) model in mind I would be very grateful for help with in the future.

Sounds good. Let me know.

Dave, you are a true gentleman and scholar!

In following this thread I realized that I failed to thank you for solving my conundrum for me.

Many - if belated - thanks for this and all your help.



Thank you sir. I’m glad I helped.

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