How to Edit the Description Attribute of a Component



Hello Forum, I need to edit some Naming Attributes of existing Components. I can’t find a Way to edit the “Description” of a “Definition”. This Field doesn’t show up anywhere after creating a Component.
…or am I just to blind to see?


The list of component definition (= not instances) is managed in the components browser. When you select a component definition and switch to the Edit tab, do you see a field for editing its description?



Sorry, I’m so stupid. find It. Thank You very much


@Aerilius is there a Way to get the “Strings” of the “Definition” or/and the “Description” of a Component, without opening the Component-File.

To give more Context: I need to rename a bunch of Components. Changing the Names after the fact seams to be tricky. Changing the Filename of the Component obviosly does not work. Sometimes even after editing the Name in the Component Browser, SketchUp uses the old name, adds a suffix#1 to the name which in my case disrupts the List iam generating based on the Definition of these Components.


Apart from the file name (and metadata, permissions etc.) there is nothing of the file’s content that you can get without reading the file.