Component description missing

Hi !
I may have missed some information, but since the last update of SU 2023 I no longer see the description in the components.
Thanks for your help
component description missing

Someone else reported this last week. If I remember correctly @colin said it’s being worked on.

Thank you Dave I will follow this. I can even change the properties

Do you mean you can’t change the properties? If so, change the component display to thumbnails.

Nothing work, normaly clic right/ properties and change the description, but it doesn’t record

Are you trying to modify properties for components in a collection? Or In Model. If the component isn’t in the model you can’t edit its properties. It’s been that way forever.

The component it always in the model when I do it. I do that from couple of year and even the component have description don’t appear

Here 2 images, 1 we see the description is there and 2nd don’t appear in the list
component dct-1
component dct-2

I told you to switch to Thumbnail view. You can then edit the description and other component properties.

I also told you that the description won’t appear in Details view of the components and that the team is working on the issue.

Ok good thanks for your help Dave
I appreciated

I’ve just do it in the list, it is just the way change on one clic