Component Browser

I cant seem to edit component names etc in component browser. When I select the edit tab everything is greyed out.

You edit the component definition name in Entity Info while the component is selected in the model space.

I have a bunch of components and I want to change their Definition and Description. I.E. I want to change the original information that I entered into these fields when I created the components. Is there a way to do this?

They have to be in the model in order to edit that information. You can’t edit the info for components that aren’t “in model”.

OK thanks. So am I right in assuming that I cant edit the description information?

You can indeed edit the description in the Components window. The components have to be in model, that’s all.

OK. For some reason that information is greyed out and I cant edit it

That indicates the component isn’t in model. Put the component in your model and change to the In Model collection.

Great. Thanks for your help!

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You’re welcome. Out of curiosity, what sort of info are you adding to the description field?

I have a bunch of components for film rigging such as truss, scaffold, tube etc. So the component definition would be 3.0m and the description is CLS 300mm Tri Truss or definition 1.5m and description 48.4mm x 4.47mm Aluminium tube. I find by doing it this way it works well when I generate reports and import them into excel to create gear lists and weights of various rigs that I design.

Makes sense. Have you looked at adding description information via the Dynamic Components interface. you might find that useful for reports since you can create multiple description type fields.

At the moment when I create a component I right click and select dynamic components then component attributes. I add my own field “Item_Kg” and then input the value. I then save the component. So when I generate the reports the item weight is shown for each component. I the export to excel into a spreadsheet I have that simply multiplies the quantities field by the weight field to give me totals. Is there a way that you know of whereby the report function can do the multiplication so I dont have to export to excel?

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No. You need the spreadsheet to do the math for you.

Edit the report, click on the settings of your report attribute and select total