Product/Model Description

Please can someone help me? I’m pulling my hair out.

I’m having great difficulty placing product descriptions into the Model Description field that you can access through the component manager. In order to access the model description field I have to load the model into SketchUp twice!?

Even after purging the components manager and leaving the one component in there, I have to still click on the component in the component manager to bring up the Product Description field, which also loads the model in again! :frowning:

This is a gruelling process, I’m not sure how much I can continue to do this as I have well over 500+ models to go through adding to product descriptions. Is there another way to access this without loading the component twice? Why is this even a n issue?

Sorry for my frustration, can anyone help?

You can open the component file from their stored folder, with the model info open, at file and add / alter the description.

The model info will remain open during each session

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Ah Hah, Thanks for the answer pcmoor. I have had the same situation. It is maddening.

Thank you for relieving me of my pain!

This is going to save me time thank you.