Shy components?


Hi Everyone,

When i download a model from the 3d warehouse it loads directly into my empty sketchup model - which is great :slight_smile: . But if there is a jpeg or another model already there, the model i am trying to download from the 3d warehouse does not load. This is quiet annoying as I am totally perplexed? Hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance



How about sharing an example file with a JPG or another “model” in it and a link to a 3D Warehouse component that does what you describe? I can think of several reasons why you might get what you describe but it would be better not to guess.


I’ll guess it is conflicting scale.


That’s one of the causes I was thinking of, too.


Thanks for the response guys. I tried to upload a file here but it wouldn’t allow me, it said the file was too large, even though there is nothing on the file apart from a jpeg house plan? I scaled the houseplan, then tried to download the model from 3d warehouse, no dice.

I think you are correct about the scale.

If so, what are my options?



Could you upload it to the 3D Warehouse and provide a link?


Sorry for being a dope but i’ve uploaded the file to 3d warehouse, how do i share it with you?


Give us the name of the file you typed when you uploaded it.

Also, see your PMs.


So it was a case of incorrect scaling of the image. Resizing it to the appropriate size took care of it.


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