3D warehouse products not loading into document

I have always been able to load 3D warehouse products into my model but recently after taking over someone elses document none of them seem to loading, or if they do they must be so tiny I can’t see them (as they are appearing in components). Is there way i can check the size of my model to make it the appropriate size?

Check to make sure the file you’re workin in has things drawn at the correct size. Also try inserting the components from the Warehouse into a separate file to make sure they are at the proper size. One of them is surely wrong.

Thanks Dave! I have just checked both files & they both appear to be the correct size. I will send a photo of what appears when i copy it in

Perhaps someone has turned layer0 ‘s visibilty off. Make sure Layer0 is (always) active and attach only grouped geometry (Component or Group) to specific layers for visibilty purposes

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Have you confirmed the model is drawn to the right size, or just that it appears to be? If the model unit is m, but you expect it to be mm, and the unit is set not to be printed out, the model could “appear” to be in correct size even if it’s off by a factor 1000.

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