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I have set up a separate component file on my computer for use in my models in sketchup. When I open up
the component file in sketchup, some of the descriptions do not show up as being the same as what they are showing when I look at them in file manager. For example, I have a ‘2x4x8’ component. That is the description
that shows up in file manager. But, when I look at that component in the component dropdown list in sketchup,
it shows up as ‘2x4 pine stud’. I can refresh the list and it still shows up differently. At one time, I did have a ‘2x4 pine stud’ but have deleted it, and made a new ‘2x4x8’ component, but it never shows up as such in sketchup. Then when I bring this component into my model, it shows up as ‘2x4 pine stud #1’. No matter how many times
I delete and make a new 2x4x8 component, it will still show up as ‘2x4 pine stud’ in sketchup. This has become
very frustrating to say the least. I am in the process of using the ‘Estimator’ plugin and cannot get it to work properly because of this. This same 2x4x8 component description will show up in the estimator report function as 2x4x8 pine stud.


Normally when you make a component and use Save As… the default filename offered is the component definition name. Did you make it different, however?

And each instance used in the model MAY have a different name again.

Did you purge the old component and actually ‘make a new one’? Or just delete or give a new Instance name to the 2x4 pine stud instance in the model? Or remake the old one in place?

I’m grasping a bit at straws here, though, and maybe something else is going on.


Hi John thank you for your reply.

I have tried the ‘save as’ and save it as 2x4x8. It does not show up in the component folder
The only thing showing up is 2x4 pine stud. But looking at the folder in file manager it is there
as 2x4x8!

I can start a brand new model with out doing anything at all, open up the component folder, and it is
still not listed as 2x4x8. And ‘purge unused’ is not showing up as an option.

I have even deleted the 2x4 pine stud by right clicking on it in the components tab in sketchup. Then go to my file manager and see if either one is there and they are both gone.

I think I know what the problem is now. When I make the new stud, I bring in another piece of lumber that has a ‘pine’ texture’ to it and apply it to my newly made stud, the save it again. I guess I should have the texture saved in my materials folder and use it from that instead. I know this now because I just made another 2x4 without any texture, saved it as 2x4x8, and it is now showing up in the components tab as ‘2x4x8’. Go figure!

Thanks for all your help John.


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