Not showing name of Solid Component

The info panel in my.Sketchup isn’t showing the name of a Solid Component.
It does show the names of regular components.
I tested this on two dynamic components.
Both show the definition name.
Is it a bug? Is the name stored differently?


Perhaps you can share the SketchUp file so we have a hope of helping you fix your problem?

Dave, How do you share a file with the world from Trimble Connect ?
Once shared here, how to you get it back into TC so you can load it into my.SketchUp ?

I guess I’d save it out to TC, go to Trimble Connect in my browser and download it to my computer. Then I would upload it here as with any other SketchUp file.

And then I would reverse the process to get it back to TC and My.SketchUp.

At least it works for me but maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Here. Try with this one.
temp1.skp (191.8 KB)


I don’t see it in ‘Entity Info’ either…

both names do show up in my.sketchup ‘in model’ components browser…


I see two components, the light gray one is solid, the darker one is not.

Both appear to have names and definition names in Entity Info. Is this different from what you’re seeing?

that’s not in my.sketchup…


No. I know it’s not. I was trying to make a comparison between My.SketchUp and SketchUp on the desktop. Strangely, even exploding the component on the left and making a new component results in no name showing. But I exploded it, made a group of the geometry and converted it to a component. When I entered a name for it, that name showed in Entity Info.

Entity Info in my.sketchup doesn’t show a name for the solid component like it does for the non-solid component. But you can get the Name and Description for the solid components through the dropdown menu for the object in the Component browser.

Another oddity is the difference between Entity Info and Component info. What you assign as a component name shows up in the description field in Entity Info.

That is exactly what I see in sketchup. In my.sketchup, the name of the light gray component does not show.
The only difference between the two is that the left one is a manifold.
If the components were dynamic and generated by a plugin, exploding them would not be an option.

Anyway, I was just pointing out something that I saw as odd. I understand this is a beta and things are still in flux.


This is just the kind of sneaky bug they will want to know about.
Moved to my.sketchup > Technical Problems category.


Thank you for the excellent detective work on this issue. Feel free to explore other ways to break this and post your results. This is just the type of data we need to make sure we have my.sketchup working properly.

Thanks again everyone!

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