Entity Name vs. Entity Description


I am creating models for solar PV systems in SketchUp. Right now, I am trying to label components with
a) the component definition
b) the “instance” as how we code for each part we are using
c) a plain-speak description of the part (this is where I am stuck)

When I use the “generate report” function, I am able to add “definition name”, “entity name”, and “entity description”

Right now, “entity name” is the “instance” of the component, but if there is not “instance” it automatically fills “entity name” with the component definition, which is not what I want.

Does anyone know how to add an individual “entity description” to each component, as well as a separate “entity name” that does not automatically use the component definition if there is no “instance”? Thanks so much and please let me know if I can clarify anything.

I would like the “entity name” to be just the C-00-, etc. labels, but not fill in the component definition if there is no “instance” for the component. I have no idea how to add an entity description, which I would like to be the plain-speak definition of the part

There are two ways to enter the description text: you can type into the Description field as you create the component, or you can edit it in the Components browser. Like the Component name, this information is associated with the Component Definition and is shared by all Instances of the Component. Each Instance can have its own more specific name as well.

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I, too have encountered this issue. A dirty work around for this is to click into the ‘instance’ field of the component and simply hit the space bar. Then click into the model area. You have now placed an invisible character in that field. Hence, the resulting report generated will have a series of seemingly blank cells in the entity name column.
Not pretty, but it works.

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