How to make the Instance attribute of the component to be seen in a report?

Did you add a name in the Instance panel of Entity Info?

This shows X of the Instance from the model using Entity Name and X in Generate Reports.

I would like to see in the report what is written in the instance field: 01. Indeed, if you generate a report with the Internet turned off, then in the table in the Entity Name column there will really be 01. Is it possible to achieve this with the Internet turned on?

The top panel is used to ‘Group by’, if you want to report (or display) it’s values it needs to be in the lower panel.
Drag it to the lower panel and run again.
Ps. Also the X attribute needs to be in the lower panel…

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ok, I’ll try to explain it differently. I would like to see in the report exactly the instance name (01) of the entity and NOT the definition name (plate_up).

I think I understand what the problem is.
The name in the attribute properties seems to take precedence over the name in the Entity info. Is there a way to see in the report what is written in the Instance panel of Entity Info?
Thanks for your patience and detailed answers.

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Your dealing with an extension that hasn’t been updated fully for a couple of years.
Add the Name attribute in the dc, give the instance a ’friendly’ name and bypass the entity panel and add the dyc:name to the bottom panel in the report.

Do not add the Name attribute as this will override the instance name. To make the updating connection you must first saveas to a folder, clear it from the file or start a new one, load it by drop or component browser, then it works otherwise the last “_name” attribute will be retain


The Name Attribute is not exactly what I need, because it is copied to all copies of the component. This does not happen with the instance name. Apparently, I will have to turn off the Internet before generating the report and save the report immediately to a *.csv file, then the Entity Name parameter contains the name of the instance from the Entity Info panel. I need to have non-unique copies of components with unique numbers in the project and see it in the report.

please upload the DC that is not updating its instance name

You may have altered the attribute dialog header, if so the “_name” attribute needs to be reset using Aerilius’ Attribute Inspector

where can i find Aerilius’ Attribute Inspector?

sorry, but this link does not have this plugin

My computer is connected to the internet so I don’t think that’s the problem. Here is an example of using the display levels, All vs. 2.

Level 2

Like this?
Level 2

Report attributes x, y, z of Instance (Entity Info of panel) and Entity Name in Generate Report.

Not sure I’m getting the result you want but this is what I am doing.

Maybe it’s a Windows 7 thing?

I also can to do the same ) But I really changed the attribute dialog header and this is probably the problem. The report includes data from the attribute dialog header.

Child → definition name = 01. Generate Report level 3 with definition name?

MikeWayzovski has a good point. Add a name attribute to the parent or child. Display it in Gen. Reports.

sorry, went to bed, Tasmanian time
This morning, I found a quicker way, the Inspector is useful for updating “_name” but not required in this case, although I use to use it for it.

To fix, bring the DC into a new file (or one with no other definition of this DC, that is purged of it) Rename the header to the component definition, saveas and overwrite the existing saved definition, purge the working file of this definition and bring back in,
In essence the change in header creates a new definition that has not be separately instanced, like when you first built the DC. So if you changed the title to “Tommy” then this DC instance update would then work again after you saved as, and reloaded to a purged or new file, “Tommy” will change to the instance name

I do use the attribute inspector to change the _name in the definition for making new components from a base one (already instance connected), it saves having to saveas, purge and reinstate, but either way works

There are two sets or attributes, instance and definition
If you look at an unconnected DC with the inspector, the _name is available in the drawing elements / dynamic components, whereas with the connected it is not. Therefor only need to change the Component definition one.