Definition, Instance, Entity name, definition name

Hi there,

can somebody give me a clear description and use of these different component attributes/ properties?
Often I am confused about it and asking myself how to use them properly for making reports ecc.

There are:

  • definition name: name of the component. It is NOT the same as the entity name, even if in the beginning it is. But if you may change the definition name after editing some dynamic attributes, entity name will stay as it was before and can be changed seperately in the dyn. components window!
  • entity name: see above
  • Description: It appears and can be edited in the component browser, can’t be changed in dynamic components, but can appear in the report as entity description. “Description” in dynamic components is not the same
  • Instance: will not appear in the report

Is there some good guide how to deal with all this?

instance: short text describing the instance
description: long text describing the instance
definition: unique name for a component

You can have multiple instances with the same definition but there is only one definition in your model.
You can have more than one definition with the same instance name and description name but the definition name can’t be the same.

You can test by copying a component. The definition is the same, the instance name is the same and the description is the same.
If you make one of then unique all reamains but the definition changes…