Entity Name field needed in Report (to see "sibling" objects)


I hope someone could help me to find out what I am doing wrong.

I am trying to generate a report with the X and Y position of ALL components: even COPIES of components generated by the “copies” attribute in a dynamic component:

In SU18pro Reports I have those fields:

  1. Definition Name:
  • unique object name.
  • if I copy this object, there will be an additional line in the report (as expected).
  1. Description Name:
  • optional description
  1. Instance Name
  • the name of the object in the dynamic component’s attributes window.

So, I create a component --with a unique definition name–
I duplicate this component, and I get 2 instances.
And everithing seems fine in the Report.

But I miss the Entity Name:

  1. Entity name
  • when I set the Copies attribute = 2, SU creates 2 copies with Entity names: XXXX copy 001 and XXXX copy 002

And those “sibling” objects are not in the report.

How can I solve it?

Am I missing something in the Report configuration?

Is there a plugin to make all components unique?

Thank you,

Note to clarify:

The Report has a field called “Entity Name”. But actually it is the Instance name.

It appears that there is no sort that includes the copy numbers
To get a full report, temporarily turn your internet off, run the report, a different dialog will be displayed, choose csv for excel. Then you will see a full report including the copy numbers, You then need to run a sorting macro within excel to meet your report requirements

You are right. Thank you.

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