Generate report question

i am trying to find out why when i am generating report in su 2016 of one cabinet it nicely shows the cabinet name and all of its supcomponents and all their attributes i choose… but…
if i add another cabinet to the model then the report shows txo cabinets …
cabinet 1 than cabinet 2 and than it shows ssubcomponent let say shelf 500mm(cab1), 600mm(cab2)…
this is realy messing things up.
how can i get report for each componen and it subcomponents separately?

for example:
left side
is there a way to get it this way?

Use selection reports, and run two reports by selecting each cabinet before each report:

thanks for your reply
my model contains 14 of upper cabinets that are made of subcomponent with the same name and 14 down cabinets . so am u supposed to generate it 28 times?
I am looking for an easier way of reporting attributes of my models.

What attributes do you need from your report?

hi DaveR,
thanks for your reply.
I need a report that separates cabinets individually and shows their subcomponent’s attributes like this: lenx
CABINET 1. 200mm
shelve. 182mm
side panel. 720mm

CABINET 2. 500mm
shelve. 482mm
side panel. 720mm

but all it does now is:
CABINET 1. 200mm
CABINET 2. 500 mm
shelve. 182mm, 482mm
side panel. 720mm. 2x

this gets very messy in larger projects.
I need every cabinet and subcomponent separately that me and other people I work with could see that (for example) cabinet 14’s shelve lenx is 550mm right ahead and not looking for it in within bunch of numbers. there is no time for it.
thanks again

can you share a typical model,(private message if sensitive), then can look into the report options, or maybe generate a report with the internet not connected to force a default report on all entities, then one can open it with excel and make a vba routine to sort the data if necessary

You could use the CutList extension for this. Select “By Sub-Assembly” and the the parts for each cabinet will be sorted into a separate section. Export a CSV and rearrange the table to suit your needs in Excel.

I know the cut list pretty well and I think it is good plugin but I can’t spent time with sorting exel to my needs. the general report should be able to do it that way I am talking about. it has to have the option to do it that way. it is the most basic way.

poor thanks,
I will post some small kind of kitchen. something easy.
at the moment I have to do some work and also the DC cabinets I have are made in Slovak language so have to rewrite them for you to understand. I will do so latter on. thank you


CutLists report would sort the list into sub-assemblies as you requested. You wouldn’t have to do that manually.

I will play little more with it.thanks
also I was looking for somebody that would do some scripting to create plugin for me and that would sort my problem. would you be able to do it for me? or do you know anybody? thank you

I’m not a plugin writer. Post your request in the Commercial and Collabortive Work category. You’ll probably find someone willing to do it.

Hi, you could try the SU2XL extension : Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse
You get distinct values for entities you tag with attributes (named wattributes in the tool).