Sketchup Advanced Report Template

Hi, everyone, Is there any way to customize the Template in Report Generator in sketchup Pro?, I’d like to generate a report with nested format like the Outliner, where the componets are contained in their parent component, like a BOM for Furniture where the cabinets contain their child parts.

You can customize the report to show nested components.

What version of SketchUp are you using? You put “FURNITURE” as the version in your forum profile but that isn’t an answer to the question.

Ooops :flushed:

Thanks, yes I can customize my report, but not like in the Sketchup Outliner Format, with a parent component with their child components grouped, with the proper tabulation, when i run the report everything looks like a whole model exploded, yes you can group by levels but with a lot of redundant info.

set a report to be grouped by and organized with custom attributes

the path attribute will show its outliner position

Thank you, @pcmoor, I’ve managed to group parent-child components with custom tags (every component and sub components with the exact same tag or custom atribute), I wish that could be done by default in the future (grouping components with the same root path parent-child), also i want to separate the components in level 3 in rows in a list whith instead of bein separated by comma (Which is better for reading every part with respective leght attributes)

When the definition is reported as attribute (lower section) you can change the settings.
Can you upload the model (with current template saved)?

REPORT TEST.skp (229.1 KB)

How can I change the settings?

Is there any way to do it without the custom aftributes or tags?

You can move the Definition Name attribute up to “group by” below “level” to be without the comma

Rather than definition, use name or entity, name can be controlled auto from DC and/or entity is the instance name.

So you may have a sheet product 18mm MDF, the definition, ( as #num redundant, not worth tracking, will change on DCs) that can have instances like shelf, side, top… so you use one definition with different purpose as real life. Same face, grain direction, axis

Could look at OpenCutList extension as alternative


It’s working, thanks, now i have to find a way to group or add tabulation to those level 3 parts, and most important to group things without adding tags or custom attributes to every single component :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Open Cut List is also missing a good BOM reporter for big volume of cabinets :frowning_face:

Alas, the only way to do that, is to run the report on every single selection of level 1 components, I guess.

In the shared example, the definitions need to be distinguished by naming the instances, otherwise, there is no way of ‘knowing’ how to group by, or to concatenate the results (‘deduped with totals’) in a cell of the ‘tabulation’
One just get totals.
The only attribute that has information about the organization of the model is ‘path’, as @pcmoor mentioned.
If you reduce the level to be reported by only level 3, for instance, and add the path as attribute, you need to distinguish the level 2 components by naming the instances, otherwise it will just report 8 and not 4 and 4.


Yes some features are missing to report properly in a format like the outliner :frowning_face:

Also when i use the Path Attribute to group, levels order got reversed by default, wich is solved clicking manually in Path Header :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Another method:

if Report has All the data required, names, sizes, etc. in no particular order, then can build a VBA routine to display as wanted in excel. Whether one or more tables

So send us a report and how you exactly wish to present, then can make and then explain how it works

PM me if interested

my answer dont help you find solution, I write it, because maybe 1 year I ask under all video tutorials what publish SU on their youtube chennel do some tutorial about generating report function, but unfortunatly nobody hear me :frowning:
I think this is importent function on this software and be very usefull for a lot of users, show them how effectivle use this function.
I hope they do this tutorial soon :)))

Actually there is a recent video called “The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Reports in SketchUp!” you can search for it, but unfortunately ends up being a very basic tool, which i think still needs to add more criteria to order and present Data like other BIM or Manufacturing software.

of course I saw this video in half hour, when it was uploaded, but this is not something advanced, & its not not from SU youtube chennel