SU16 - Generate Report

Looks like it could be a useful tool, however…

It does not take the units/precision from the current template.
The selected units does not actually change the units in the report.
There is a new “Type” field for components that should be listed to report on.
It automatically includes “definition name” as the first column, so you don’t need it in the list of fields (or if you put it in, then it should hide the first one so that it can be positioned.)

To be honest, it feels more like a plugin than an actual part of SU. For example there are thumbnails stored in the program against each component used - I would expect to see that as a reported column too.

Addressing these:

  1. It does not take the units/precision from the current template.
    Mine pulled from the current template. If your’s didn’t, share an example file.

  2. The selected units does not actually change the units in the report.
    Mine did - I changed form Arch 1/32" to Centimeters 0.0cm, and it looked like

  3. There is a new “Type” field for components that should be listed to report on.
    My fields show up. Are you saying it doesn’t show up when you edit a report, and you can’t choose it?

It seems like you’re not editing anything or attempting to modify a report or creating new ones? We need our help center articles modified stat, @Tommy @jody (he says, gently pushing Tommy & Jody under the bus). :smile:

The thumbnail for each component would probably require a su_dynamic_components plugin update, but we’ll file that as a nice feature request. (I’m visual, I’d appreciate thumbnails in a boring spreadsheet).

We’re working on hotfixing the things we can right now. Stay tuned, and thanks for trying it out and your feedback.

We did fix the issue in Conversion bug for lower level components in report writer in SU16 - #4 by Barry Let me know if this works for you.

I did talk to to the folks, and they are working furiously to update help documentation on this, but it’s not done yet. Please let me know if I didn’t respond to your comments correctly.

Thanks for the detailed reply :slight_smile:
I perhaps jumped to conclusions with the template thing because it defaulted to inches as the units when my template was set to mm;

I just opened SU and clicked on the “generate report” option.


  1. I found the template file generation defect SCV:

In the picture you can see that the data are grouped in a string.
2. You can add an option to disable postfix (mm) from the end of the report?


That’s a CSV file: “Comma Separated Values” - you need to let the spreadsheet know how to deal with the strings. (SU is doing the correct thing, it’s the spreadsheet that’s not picking it up right)

CSV specification for EXCEL Russian must use a separator “;”. I hope the developers will take into consideration this fact.

I think this issue can be resolved using the open configuration file to the “Generate Report” extension.

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Well if we’re going down that route… :wink:

  • It would be nice to visually see the nesting by insetting object names
  • have a better/more visual way to identify the “Component Nesting Level” rather than just a number (perhaps the outliner?)
  • If the selection contains a DC with user input variables, then have the title of these variables as optional columns.
  • be able to insert model data into a header/title sheet (geo location, author, …)
  • ability to re-size columns
  • basic reporting functions of…
  • grouping (with heading formatting)
  • (Conditional grouping with simple =,<,> functions)
  • counting instances
  • sum
  • able to change the font
  • optional prettying up of the report eg row colour, alternate row colour, specific column colour, seperating row line, group border, page border, page colour,…
  • ability to print and push to a PDF (& e-mail) rather than just export to a CSV
  • integration between these reports and Layout so that they are always “live” within layout (refresh every time Layout loads?)
  • If you can pull the model data into a header, use this for simple “screen shot” prints (rather than having to open layout)
  • option to apply any watermark in the model to the report
  • Option to insert a “live” version of a report into the model;
  • would insert just like an image does; a flat 2D panel that could be scaled
  • editing would bring up the editor
  • If the report is on a selection, then it would group the selection and have a call-out to that group.
  • tic box to “always face camera” like components have
  • would be dynamic: change an element in the group and the report updates. (Perhaps only updates when you leave the group unless it’s on the model as a whole - then maybe a r-click option to refresh?)


Indeed it’s an interesting feature. I think many users should need to export data from SU.

For your information I have developed a tool with similar features and even a bit more.
It can be a partial answer to some requests expressed on this forum. I you want to test it, you can get it here:

This tool allows a direct link between Excel and SketchUp if you work on windows with a
32bit Excel (otherwise you have to work with .csv file – but unlike the SU report, the separators can be set up as required by your language).
This is still a project on beta stage: it’s free of charge.

I’d like to go on with this project in the next months and what I need is “support”. I’d like to prove SU users can be interested in this kind of tool.

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Hi @gadget2020. In your screenshot, it looks like you are showing us the “edit” screen of the built-in “Component Quantities” report. That report ships in “Decimal Inches”.

If you go back a screen and say “Create New Report”, that will create a new report that should be matched to the formatting defaults from SketchUp.

You are correct; it just didn’t occur to me that the units would be saved with the report.

Is this a specifically designed in ‘feature’? Personally I would think that the units should depend on the drawing template - I can’t think on any scenario where it would be advantageous to save it with the report.


Not a feature per se. The quantities report is designed to show you definition names and quantities … neither column has units, so we didn’t do the work to make the units match the default.

The quantities report and others like it are features that we will be enhancing with time.