Sketchup Report unit formatting not working properly

Hi everyone,

The Formatting and Precision in my Report Templates are simply not working. I’m selecting Meters but the precision won’t change to decimals. and when I save it and run a report it ignores the change in formatting all together, nothing changes.

I’ve been using SU since 2010, and I just bought myself Pro for Christmas as I’ve always used the free version. I’m a little frustrated with this bug so I hope there is a solution for it. Reporting is one of the main reasons I decided to finally make the purchase.

Hope someone out there can help

Thanks in advance

Can you upload an example, I know that for DCs you need to specify the units in the Option dialog for the report to “see” the correct units, either a specific type or model units.

from a previous post,

Measurement Units mismatch in DC reports - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community

You can return the attribute back to unseen after the changing the type (text reports inches)


Thanks for your reply and previous post. I think I see the problem but here is my example.

I have some things to learn about Component attributes!

It appears that the example video did not load.

Hello pcmoor,

Sorry for the delay, busy with Christmas stuff! attached is the issue I’m having. Your comment on the DC formatting was very helpful however it didn’t solve the format precision issue.

20201223_Report precision issues.pdf (366.5 KB)

Thanks again,

Here is another issue with the Entity name and Definition name. Sometime I wonder if I should reinstall something in SU. Things are acting really funny 20201223_Report precision issues.pdf (504.8 KB)

this is only happening in 2021, generally I use 2018 for my work, although I have 2021, so did not see it.
@colin, There appears to be bugs with 2021 report writer as per above, I can confirm I experience same.

I get to see all bug reports, and I do think I remember a generate report related issue. Most people are out now, until January 4th. I may not be able to confirm if that was a fix in the works, until some time after Jan 4th.

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Hello pcmoor and Colin,

Thanks for the reply. I’m noticing some other issues also with DC Options and the Component Attribute windows. 20201224_Comp (3.1 MB)

I’m wondering if its possible to trade 2021 for a earlier version? Is that possible? if not how do these problems get fixed?

Merry Christmas!

If you have a subscription, you have access to all versions that use a sign in for activation, 2019 and up.
Be aware that despite it says ‘devices’, each version activation counts for one activation, so signing out would be a good thing to do

Mike said one of the things I was going to say. You should sign out from 2021, to make sure that you have a spare sign in, then sign in with 2019 or 2020. Here is the 2020 installer:

I couldn’t get it to fail like you showed. Adding attributes works in my 2021.

And since the generate report function depends highly on the DC extension, be sure to ignore the update message at startup.

Mike and Colin,
thanks for your help on this. I successfully reinstalled 2020 and the problem with the precision in the reports. I did notice the same problem with the Component options window but I fund and old post from Mike that fixed that!
Thanks again, hope everyone had a merry Christmas!
I’m sure I’ll be back with more problems :blush: