RfE: Generate Report in User Units

… and not in internal imperial unit (= inch) only.

Doing the math shouldn’t be a big thing.


This has been pending so long that one starts to wonder if Trimble really cares about customers outside the U.S.A…


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I wrote a script to fix that until Trimble make it ‘fit for purpose’…

If it can’t be added, it should be replaced with only metric units… :wink:


Sorry TIG, it doesn’t really converts.

This ist the original report.

This is after converting

This is what I would like to have. The spreed sheet was made before I found the report. The only thing it needs is to classify the typ by m, square meter, cubik meter or pieces insted of importing IFC-Standards.

Construction.skp (918.0 KB)

This is the model the report is made from. Please play with it.

Thanks for the error report on my Converter.
There is clearly something awry !
Did you get/nstall the very latest version from the link ?
For me it’s OK - your SKP Generates a CSV Report and then my Plugin Converts it into ‘m’ just fine…
E.G. The first row = Model/Ground Slab ‘Entity Volume’ in column G is 255993.3860025 cu" in the original and 4.195 m3 in the converted version.
However, I see your converted version doesn’t do what mine does - the volume is ‘-’ so I suspect that it’ a locale issue ?
I suspect it’s a locale issue.
I use ‘.’ as the decimal point - do you use ‘,’ ?
Also ‘,’ in descriptions etc can throw off the column converting…
BUT it should be trapped for in the code, but seeing the " at the start of your first column suggests that something is going wrong… I do not see that at all.
EDIT: I just noticed that your DE report uses “ELEMENTVOLUMEN”, and my EN SUp uses “ENTITY VOLUME” - so some locale versions will fail to find/convert the volume…
Also the first column title is NOT called ‘PATH’, so that messes up too…
I can correct these…
Can you give me your original CSV and converted CSV files, so that I can compare them with mine.
ZIP them and PM if appropriate.
Can we continue this debate at the Plugin’s home-page on [Plugin] TIG_ReportConverter • sketchUcation • 1
I see you actually want the output data in a very different format anyway.
I can write a simple script for you to directly export that limited data set to CSV - e.g. arranged by:
layer, type, area-m2, area-perimeter, dimensions[m[ of X, Y, Z, volume-m3 etc…
But let’s discuss this separately…

It have updated my ReportConverter to v1.5
It should now avoid trips caused by the Generated Report having different headings in various locales…
And convert Lengths and Volumes properly in the other language versions of SketchUp.

@Barbara please try this - I think it’ll now report properly in m2/m3 in German…
Feedback welcome…

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Hi TIG, see you at your home-page.

Haha… yes, it’s been fixed.