Generating report: strange results with mm

Hi there,
I want to generate a report with a list of windows/ doors and there measures.
IBut it gets some strange results:

The calculation is quite simple:

The units are set to cm. So “Rohmass_Breite” should be “Breite”+20mm.
But it seems that sketchup messes up cm and inch…

would be nice to have a simple solution!!


With Rohmass_Breite, click the right icon and set the units to cm, then initially expose the attribute to show on the option dialog, set the option units to mm or “end user model units” . Apply. Then go back into the properties and hide the attribute, “user cannot see…,” apply.

The default is text, text is valuated as inches, so you need to specify the unit and the user input

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Thats it!! Thank you very much! :+1: