Project started in mm. Conversion in cm?

Project started in mm. Conversion in cm?
I want to convert it.
can someone help.
Forgive me for my English.

Window > ModelInfo > Units

(Fenster > Modell-Info > Messeinheiten) ?

SketchUp ALWAYS uses inches in its data-base ‘behind-the-scenes’, this is irrespective of your Model Info > Units settings.
Just change it there to what you want to now use.
It will simply change the displayed/input units, but the true size of what you have modeled thus far is unaffected.
If you change those from perhaps mm to cm, then you need to make sure you reset the number of decimal points etc, otherwise 125mm >> ~13cm.
You can input dimensions in any units irrespective of your current Model Units.
So if you are drawing a Line and working in ‘mm’ then typing in 100 + [enter] makes a line 100mm long, but adding a units suffix changes how SketchUp perceives your typed input - so typing 100cm makes it 100 centimeters long, or 100" makes it 100 inches long - whilst still usually expecting ‘mm’ for numerical input that does not have a suffix.

As Dan said, no conversion is required. You can switch the current units any time and as often as you wish.


mir ist folgendes Passiert.
in den Grundeinstellungen muss ich alles in mm eingeben. 10cm also 100mm . Ich hab aber vergessen bei beim Erstellen der Datei die Messeinheiten in cm umzustellen. ich hab nun viele stunden gezeichnet und nun beim hinzufügen eines Modelss aus 3D Warehause ist das eingefügte Obekt viel zu groß . Ich habe zb 200 eingeben ( meinte damit aber 200cm ) aber mein gezeichneter Stich ist aber nur 20cm lang . ist es möglich alles umzuwandeln.

me is the following happens.
in the basic settings I need to enter anything in mm. 10cm 100mm. But I forget when creating the file switch the units of measurement in centimeters. I now have many hours drawn and now the Add a Modelss from 3D Warehouse home is too big the pasted object. I enter for example 200 (but meant 200cm) but my colored engraving is only 20cm long. it is possible to convert all.

Sie können alles auswählen und verwenden Sie dann das Werkzeug “Skalieren”.
Benutzerhandbuch für SketchUp: Skalieren Sie Ihr Modell oder Teile von Ihr Modell

You can select everything, and then use the Scale tool.
SketchUp User Guide: Scaling Your Model or Parts of Your Model

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Thank you. Select all. Mark the top right corner. Down Right Enter the Fakctor 10 and everything is as it should be.

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