Measurement Units mismatch in DC reports


Attached herewith the skp file and screenshot of report generated from DC. The Units are in cm in attributes, but getting the values in inches for the panels and cm for cabinet.
How to resolve.

del.skp (53.7 KB)

Have you turned off “Display units format” in Window>Model Info>Units ? Doing that makes all DC formulas revert to inches.

Hi Anssi.,

I need the report in either cm or mm. Not in the Inches.
Below is the unit settings


This is a workaround that puts the text you want in the Width field, size in cm rounding to zero places. This is assuming the LenY is in cm. If it isn’t, just do the conversion to cm yourself.

Change the units of RH_Side:Width to text.
Change the formula from

I’ve only changed one field, you’d have to do the rest.

The units go wrong so often in DC I usually leave them in inches and do the converting in the formulae.

Ok. Thanks.

Is it a bug in dc??

I think so. I don’t normally use reports, but I’ve seen the units going wrong at other times in Dynamic Components. I don’t have any examples handy.

Ok. Thanks

I had a closer look at this “bug” and found that if you initially expose the textbox and change the default from text to model units and re-select hide, then the report displays the choice. As you should be aware text is valued as inches unless converted.
Then all works as per report unit choice

del (1).skp (55.4 KB)

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Hi philip.,

Thanks for looking the problem again and providing a solution. :+1:

For LH Panel:

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good to show video example

Thanks :+1: