Generate Report omits part of component description

I am having an issue in SU 2016. Basically, the report shows incorrect component names where symbols like a dash (-) or slash (/) are omitted.

For example, my component named
1" SCH 40 PIPE, 110-7/16"

shows up in the report as
1" SCH 40 PIPE, 110716"

This issue seems to be limited to 2016 because everything worked fine in 2015 before I upgraded. Any ideas?

Yes, bug filed: Bug with new reporting feature - some text not passing through In 2016, we’re pulling more information & code from 3dwarehouse (which requires you to be online), so one thing you can try, to get the old Generate Report, is to turn off your internet, then do Generate Report, to get Generate Report version 1 (the old one).

Thanks, Barry.

The Version 1 report list every single component individually (i.e. - Component 1 listed on 10 separate lines rather than Component 1, Quantity 10) when I wanted a component quantity report but with a little time can be corrected.

Any idea on if or when this issue will be corrected?

But version 1 could only be updated with updates of SketchUp, so it was harder to maintain. We’re now driving updates through 3dwarehouse, which we push new versions every 2 weeks. I can’t comment on futures, all I can say is it’s on the list and prioritized, and that’s it. It’s the world that all software companies with lawyers live in.

So SU is now auto updating any time I’m on line?

No, SketchUp isn’t updating, 3dwarehouse is, and we shifted the way Generate Report works to allow us to update only Generate Report by pushing code to 3dwarehouse.

In general, people who are working on big projects and have things set up just the way they want before a deadline DO NOT like to have us auto update behind the scenes.

Is it going to take much longer to fix this issue? I’m really tired of disconnecting my computer from the internet every time I need to obtain an accurate report with the right names of my components.