Generate Report Not Working

Hi Has anybody used this option and got it to work? It crashes every time I select it?

Normally it should work…

Are you using SU2020.1 as stated in your profile, or - as I guess- you are on SU2021 latest?
What the “crashes " means? Did you got bugsplat, and SU entirely close? Or just not responding?
Did you created new report or you just try to use the default " Component Quantities Report”?
How much components do you have in your model?

Hi I am using the latest update.
I don’t even get that far. I select the Generate Report. An empty dialogue box opens up and a minute later it bug splats.
It is a large model that is why I want to get to the dialogue to reduce what it runs over but I never get that far.

Please update your profile!

Generate Report will not reduce the model (But takes a while to load in large model), but sure, at least you can see what is inside…(If not hangs)

You can go to Window>Model Info> Statistics and check the model (Thick the checkbox “Show nested Component” too…)

You can Purge unused components there.

You can also check in the Component tray and Outliner tray to see the structure.
On the Component tray you can Purge unused components too.

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there is an offline version. with sketchup closed, temporary turn the internet off, start sketchup, open file, run the report…
this may work better, not so much filtering?

then you need a spreadsheet to sort out what you want . maybe a bit of VBA