Sketchup 2016 Generate Report Quantities



In the old reporting tool you got an individualised list of components in the model and it didn’t natively show quantities of each component (you could fix this later in Excel it just seemed a little clunky).

This has now been fixed with the release of SU Pro 2016 but seems to function a little weird.

If I want to show quantities, I choose the “Component Quantities Report” which, if I “run” gives me all the quantities and not much else but, I can hit the “edit” button to add more attributes to the report than just quantitiy including length etc.

However, if I “Create a New Report”, in this case named “Untitled 1”, no matter how or where in the list of priorities I include the “Quantity” attribute, I get everything individualised like the old reporting system and “Quantity” reported as 1 for every component.

Do I have to use the “Component Quantities Report” template every time I want quantities (which is every time) or is there some way of making my own custom templates report on quantity that I have somehow missed…?


you could duplicate the quantity report and rename it to suit a special need, then save it to the current drawing file which then can be saved as a template


Thanks pcmoor,

thats actually what I’ve done, I just thought that I must be missing something in my inability to control the quantity attribute myself.


Also, has anyone been able to get the report generated without the units showing within the same cell as the measurement? For example; I can use 200mm when it is represented as “200” in the CSV. Having it presented as “200 mm” means I have to do some ‘cleaning’ in excel after exporting the report…

Anyone found a workaround?

EDIT: Short term workaround is to open CSV in Excel and hit Ctrl+F to bring up find/replace dialogue.
Then replace whatever unit is shown (be sure to include the space before it) with nothing.


I was looking for sqm of walls components in the report generator.
However I found even when I edited the units from the default ft, to meters, (within the report generator) the output still gives the volume in imperial units. Am I doing something wrong. Is there any video tutorials about on the 2016 report generator I have failed to find any on YouTube.


You need to press the “edit” button and change the units as desired - then hit “run”