Generating a Report: Quantities & Prices - Need some help please!

Hi all,

I’m trying to generate a report to show quantities and costs of certain components - but I’ve never done this before and have probably gone wrong somewhere. Any help much appreciated!

As shown in the screenshot, the report is currently showing each instance of a component as its own individual entity with a quantity of 1. Obviously this isn’t what I need, I’d like the quantity column to be able to show me exactly how many Ajuga reptans (for example) I have in my model.

It would also be useful to know if I can have one column to show the price of a particular component, and another to show a subtotal where the price of the component is multiplied by the quantity currently in the model. And how to have the entities in alphabetical order!

Again, having never tried this before I’ve probably made a really simple mistake such as not formatting my components correctly when I created them. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

What version of SketchUp are you using? That information will help us help you. Please correct your profile which says you are using SketchUp Make.

Also sharing the .skp file would help so we can see how you’ve structured the model.

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Hi Dave, I use SketchUp Pro 2020. I’m trying to upload the sketchup file here for you but getting an error message currently.

I’ve just noticed when I use the default template it does tally up the quantities but not when I create a new template myself, if that’s any help!

What is the error message? Likely your file is just too large to upload directly. Upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

That would imply you need to set up your template like the default template.

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Dropbox - Home Garden Planting Plan V2 04.10.21.skp - Simplify your life this should work for you!

I guess so, no idea how to do that though!

Open the Report Generator window and click on Edit at the bottom.

You can see that the report is set up to group the output by Definition Name.

You can edit this report to create a new one if you want to add other fields in Report Attributes.

FWIW, I see you are using tags incorrectly. Untagged should always be active and all edges and faces should be untagged.
Screenshot - 10_4_2021 , 8_29_58 AM

I fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 10_4_2021 , 8_33_29 AM

I also purged unused stuff from the file which reduced the file size by over 96%.
Screenshot - 10_4_2021 , 8_37_52 AM

Home Garden Planting Plan V2 04.10.21 purged.skp (3.8 MB)

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Thanks so much! Very helpful thank you

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