Problem with generate report

As of yesterday, whenever I or a member of my team, tries to generate a report, the price doesn’t show up. The only team member who doesn’t have this problem is running SU 2019. The rest are using 2022 and it happens to users no matter the version of SU 2022…

At the pulldown menu, I click file> generate report.
I click on “create new template” and select from the list: Quantity, Entity Name, Bottles, Entity Description, Oak List, Oak Cost and Stain. This is for wine racks, so each rack brought in from our library had all these attributes applied to it years ago and it’s been working great since… Now, when I do all that, everything shows up, except Oak List, Oak Cost and Stain, which are all prices.

Any ideas on why/ how this might have happened, and more importantly, how to fix it?

Yes, this appears to be happening world wide at the moment, my business is crippled until this is rectified! I’m not very happy today!!

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One more proof of the problem of outsourcing report generation to Trimble’s server. There is no benefit in supporting this, useless network usage, ecological nonsense, widespread outage, compromised confidentiality…
Let’s go back to an internal solution at the workstation!
Dear Trimble be reasonable!


If you disconnect the internet and use generate report, it should use v1, which creates a full csv file of the whole model.

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We must be able to access to v2 without internet connection too!
Have a nice day!

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Thank you, everyone, for your responses. I may have found a workaround, at least for the time being. When I go to Generate Report, I use “selection”, instead of “entire model” and that brings up proper pricing!

With the operation that I’m doing, as long as all my components, are not in a group, all attributes are picked up by the report. I hope this helps solve the problem, because it is a pain to explode all my groups.

@DixieNormous the solution I found is to select the elements I want to price and then check the box for “selected” instead of “entire model”.

Tried this, didn’t help. I think the problem is related to grouping.

@DixieNormous that’s strange because I have a lot of grouped items. Mine are locked. Are yours?