Generate Report Showing Total Cost

I have a sketchup file where I keep components that I have created. Specifically framing studs that we use for construction. All components are saved as 1ft in length. When we need certain studs for a new build, we just pull the 1ft studs from this file and stretch them as needed on the new file. Here is the question… Is there a way to put pricing on that 1ft stud, for example 1$, Then when it is stretched to 10ft it automatically prices at $10? The end goal is to model a whole building and the generate report spits out a cost of all materials. Please help

You could create the component as a Dynamic Component and add a field that calculates the price based on the length and the price per foot. Unless that price remains very stable over time my preference would be to export a cutlist and open it in a spreadsheet where the calculation can be done from current prices.

Why make life difficult? Have several stud components, different lentghs, different prices. Your supplier must sell by the item in dimension lumber.

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You can use quantifier pro for that.

So far the dynamic component is working great with the correct calculations. However, when I generate a report, it spits out the number in fraction rather than in dollar. when you say “my preference would be to export a cutlist and open it in a spreadsheet where the calculation can be done from current prices”, I’m interested to know how that works. Thank you!

The material we order is cut to size at the manufacturer (metal studs, ledgers, etc). All is cut down to 1/8 of an inch and would be hundreds of sizes to model if we went down this route. For regular wood framing it would definitely work.

I will have to look into this. Is it a plugin for Sketchup?

Here’s an example from an old model of mine. I used CutList 4.1 to generate the .csv file to give me the lengths. Inthis case I’m only dealing with the framing lumber although I wound up dropping out the 3/4 in. thick stuff. I also eliminated my plywood gussets since normal construction doesn’t use them.

The .csv file looks like this as a spreadsheet. Way more info than you probably need.

After a bit of cleanup deleting the unneeded stuff, sorting the components by width, and adding in the simple math for the pricing it looks like this. ($1.00 a foot is no fun since that doesn’t even require any mathing. :slight_smile: )

Of course things like the price per foot could be put anywhere on the sheet so it could be hidden if needed. Of course you could also do other math like calculating how many pieces of a given length need to be ordered. Then work out the price that way.

And this is all free. No paid extensions required.

Wouldn’t hurt if someone spelled the component names correctly. :roll_eyes:

Yes, it’s paid through.

assuming lenY is the length, a DC formula would be cost_foot

= ceiling(leny,12)*rate/12

where ceiling is a DC function


rate would be $1 as per above

A combination of DCs, simple ruby scripts and using opencutlist seems a good basis for your goal

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I use a list generator for my timber frame work. Export to CSV (I’m on a Mac) then open in Excel. Size and sort by whatever I need, and can then send to my clients who will fill in board footage pricing based on overall size.

I never wanted to embed costs into my components because that stuff changes so often. Easier (for me) to manipulate lists in Excel than update dozens or hundred of components.