Unclear on how to use materials to generate reports - still a beginner

I’ve done a handful of tutorials and am learning to use the tool for professional use. One thing I can’t figure out is how to use the material feature to generate reports of, say, amount of that material needed.


  • create components for project representing different lumber (2x4, plywood sheet, 2x12, etc.)
  • use the material tray (right side of screen) to assign a color to each component, changing color name to component’s lumber type
  • use components to build project

When I generate the report, I’m choosing to have things grouped by their components with dimensional info included, but it’s completely blank. I’m not needing area, just total combined length of the studs. I can’t figure out what I’m missing; any help is appreciated.

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There are two free ways, one is the inbuilt report writer, where the report requires setting up, has a few issues, need to use DCs with facearea attribute,

the other is OpenCutList, OCL would be an easier fit, its an extension,


sheets as implied, lumber is dimensional, hardware as is
look at the menu instructions, then other look here in search, then still if? post question

you could upload some of your framing models

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