Generate report is 2021 different from 2020

When I run a report in SketchUp pro 2021 the report columns (Aggregated By: A set of concatenated strings, deduped with count except for Quantity) show a count in parenthesizes () for each one. i.e., #5 (8). This did not happen in previous versions of SketchUp. Has there been a change to report generator or am I doing something different?

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yes, I noticed the redundant information, too! Should not happen.

Any ideas on how to fix. I have a big project do with hundreds of lines of report on lots of pages of plans.

@colin Is this something that the SketchUp QA/QE folks could investigate?

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I have been curious about the problem. Could one of you reply with a SketchUp file that easily shows the problem? You are all more expert at generate report than I am, and the ones I make for myself are not showing the problem.

any file will do. Add an attribute after the quantity and it has the redundant info (4)
genrep.skp (76,5 KB)

I might have a video somewhere of the prior version of generate report

We actually fixed it to work the way it’s described in the UI. The parentheses are the count of the objects with that value.

It sounds like people might want an option where counts are not displayed? That would provide just the subtotal. Please weigh in.

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Ah! that explains, I recently had an enduser who had created numerous reports the old way (eg. Group by Definition, Report attributes: Quantity -LenZ- etc.) and connects these .csv directly in LayOut.

To get rid of the now redundant info, you can Group by LenZ, but than you have a different order in the .csv and it would need some extra work in another application before sending to LayOut, or alter all the templates in LayOut, of course…

So yeah, an option to display the parentheses extra information or not would be great!

@crlrd can you elaborate on what you are looking for? I know you don’t want the counts to be displayed. But are you looking for just the value of those attributes for a single object without any summation?


Ok thanks! I think that would be a new option:
“A set of deduped concatenated string values
Example: $200, $500…”

Attached a simple model with some reports

genrep.skp (78,9 KB)

Thanks for the help.I am digesting this and will try the lenz.The option sounds good to me.

Grouping by lenz did not work for me as you can see in copy of your file. I added a material and the () still show up.genreprevised.skp (80.1 KB)

You could remove the group by attribute - definition name. This would cause attribute values only (strings) to appear. However if you did that you would likely have to run your report in two steps which would be error prone and kind of against the point of running reports

Do you by chance have an older version of sketchup that you could use for the time being?

Wait…I was under the assumption that Generate Reports are generated independently of the version of SketchUp and the only way to bypass is to disconnect the internet and have the v1.

If multiple reports could be generated automatically, this would be no problem (eg. If selections could be ‘memorized’ by Tags, naming the reports would be done automatically, and perhaps an indicator in the file menu of number of reports to be updated or a preference setting to generate reports saved to the file being generated automatically)

In pre 2021 Report Generator it seems that it would only add the redundant (x) if
you had multiple variations of the object. If you had 15 objects A’s with the material Green no (15) but if you had 10 A’s Green and 5A’s Blue you would get Green(10),Blue(5) in the material column of your report. This worked fine for me.

Thanks! For internal reference there’s an issue for this filed as CWS-1916

Hi Everyone

We just pushed an update to the service. There is now a 4th aggregate option which behaves the way the service used to work. It’s now the the default option for existing reports so things should just work the way they used to.

Let us know if you encounter any issues.

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