Generate Report in SketchUp Pro 2020

I am using MAC version of SKP and I can’t seems to find Generate Report in Sketch 2020. I did use it in the past in 2018. Did they rename it or place it somewhere else?

In 2018 it used to be in File -> Generate Report.

Thank you in advance.


How does [menu]Window->Extension Manager look like?

I had been doing a test, part of which was to use this line:

Sketchup. plugins_disabled = true

That stopped Generate Report from appearing in the File menu. When I stopped doing that test, with:

Sketchup. plugins_disabled = false

Generate Report came back. I don’t know how you have disabled plugins, other than by using that line of code.

Hi Colin,

You are spot on. I disabled all plugins and forgot to turn it back on. Also now I did a test again with disable all and it did not affect. It seems like a bug somewhere.

thank you so much for your help.

Thanks for your reply. Just got online now. It seems like you were on the right path. See my screenshot again after I enabled all plugins again. It fixed it.

There are two ways to ‘Generate Report’ :
Online, which gives you the new version that enables you to ‘group by’ different attributes and can uses Totals, Edit the columns headers, and change the Units.
Then, if you turn of the Internet, the old version that just pops out a giant excel sheet with everything in inches.

Both need to have Dynamic Component extension enabled.

You have to quit SketchUp and open is again for the disable to affect the generate report menu item.