SU2018 - Generate Report not in File Drop down?


I really want to use generate report. I have 2018 Pro. Videos online show the generate report feature in the File drop down menu. For some reason - I don’t see it. It’s not an extension, right? And, it should part of the release that I’m running 2018 - 16975 64 bit? Confused. Need to add this BIM capability to my arsenal of sketchup weaponry. Team, I need your input.
Thanks for your time.

When you installed SU 2018 Pro, did you right-click on the installer icon and select Run as administrator? If you didn’t, located the installer exe, right-click and select Run as administrator. Choose the repair option when prompted.

Does your application’s file menu look like this?

There is no Make version of SU 2018, so the user would not see a version of 2018 with reduced functionality.

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