Generate report to XLS

Hey! Is there a way to set that the report gererated by “generate report” get downloades directly in XLS? instead of CVS?

Didn’t you already make a thread about this?

As mentioned previously, Your CSV files should open automatically without needing to format them further. There is probably a setting your need to change in Excel/on your PC.

I did, but talking about convert the CSV, i already tried what you are saying and said in the post before, but as it works, i wont let me imput the “,” to desing in sketchup (for example 3,5)

my question is if there is some kind of extension or setting to change this, because lets be honest CSV is not the best format to work with.

Maybe try investigating the excel settings directly it may be a setting there if it did not work for you.

Have a look at this setting in excel also.

Excel Options » Advanced » Use system separators

Quantifier Pro has some reporting functions if you want things in excel native formats - this works separately from “generate report”

We sell this here

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If I understand, the problem is that you are working in the international ‘,’ for decimal point, and Excel can’t tell that from the comma separator of fields so it makes a mess of the CSV? In the example @Elmtec-Adam showed, it appears he was using the US ‘.’ convention for decimal point, which may be why it worked for him.

It ought to be possible to use a different separator, such as tab to work around this, but I don’t see anywhere to choose a separator in the report generator template editor. Perhaps someone else knows a way…

Edit:BTW XLS is a proprietary Microsoft format. I think one has to pay a license to them to get the code to generate it directly, in which case Trimble may not be interested in bothering with it. But if that is the case, Trimble should provide a way to avoid the ambiguous separators in CSV.


CSV = Comma Separated value. The clue is in the name - I guess one of the many many many things that are so US centric that they literally breaks things for everyone else.

Having a look around online at various excel forums it appears that generally people struggle with Microsoft Windows and CSV parameters in countries where the comma is used in currency as a decimal separator.

It feels like it should be a simple thing to fix.
Weirdly I’m convinced that I used to always get a dialogue asking me the encoding and delimiter - but not anymore . I wonder if I have a newer version of Excel?

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But it hasn’t ever been fixed. Create Report has been unusable for me for as long as it has existed.

The “Find And Report” extension I’m developing lets you report on model entities (and not just components) in 6 “formats”:

  • Excel (works under Windows by opening Excel directly)
  • CSV ,. with comma delimiter (decimal separator is a point)
  • CSV ;. with semicolon delimiter (decimal separator is a point)
  • CSV ;, with semicolon delimiter (decimal separator is a comma)
  • TEXT with tab delimiter (decimal separator is a point)
  • TEXT with tab delimiter (decimal separator is a comma)

Maybe this extension can help you. I’m distributing it free of charge and I’m looking for feedback from users to improve it.


i have tried it but i have setted all the library accodting to attributes, so i couldt find a way to order them according to that information.

In the end… i developed a macro in EXCEL, it was not the best but it works so far
thanks everyone


For your information, an efficient way to work with a CSV file in Excel is not to open it directly, but to import it.


With this feature, you can prepare the data by formatting, sorting, modifying characters, etc. You can even remove or move columns. And by pressing a “refresh” button, you update the Excel table if the CSV has been modified. A powerful tool, in my opinion too little known. Perhaps it could save you the hassle of using a macro. Perhaps…, depending on your needs.

I am aware! but its a procedure that we have to do several times per hour, so i needed to reduce the time and amount of clicks somehow. Thanks

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