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I am currently designing a self build and trying to sensibly name each component, so that I can generate a report which tells me how many I will need. What would be excellent would be the ability to export this to Excel, where I could attribute a cost to each component, thereby seeing a live update of costings as I design! This might have an impact on how I design.

Does anyone know if this is possible. I tried to export the report, but it was in a format I did not recognise.

You can click the Download button at the bottom of the Report panel and export a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file which you can then open in Excel. It won’t do a live update of the Excel file but you can always generate a new spreadsheet.

If you wanted you could set up the Excel file so you can replace the old info with the new.

Use the attributes for the components for things like prices and other data.
Screenshot - 11_22_2023 , 9_53_50 AM

You can add the price on Sketchup so you don’t have to add it on Excel

Thanks. Looks like I was a bit trigger happy with putting the forum post in - should have looked around a bit more.

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Cool. I’ll give it a go. Hopefully you can then generate a report which gives the overall cost.