Sketchup Report - Component

HI All,
while I create the layout design model as below (storage warehouse design to fully maximize the warehouse capacity).
and i am creating a component for the racking/shelving of storage warehouse, could extracting the component of how many component i have added to the model ?

below picture is the example of the warehouse design i have created.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web). That version doesn’t offer any report options. You can select a component in the model space and see how many there are in Model Info.

SketchUp Pro has numerous options for generating reports.

Is this supposed to be in the Dynamic Components category? SketchUp Free doesn’t utilize Dynamic Components.

Are you using SketchUp Free for your work? Tut tut.

for school project here, to create the layout of the warehouse as final project

iyaps, im still using free (trial model), while discussing with my supervisor on wether i need to invest on the license.

In the Pro version, and the old Make version, a simple component list is generated when you open the Model Info>Statistics window and select “Only components” from the top popup menu. The contents of the window can be copied and pasted into, for instance, Excel. As an European metric person, I have never managed to make the Generate Report function to work.

Why is that?

The last time I tried everything was scrambled. It might be about delimiter settings (comma for decimals and semicolon as field delimiter).

I have not got this system, being Australian, however I do have to set "
end user model units" even for attributes not used in options (I hide them again after) this makes the report writer use the correct units instead of inches. I wonder if this works for the delimiter?