Generating accurate bill of materials for product design

Hey SketchUp community.

I am trying to solve an issue and can use a hand from an expert.

I do a lot of product design for metal furniture, doors and railings. I am looking to find a simple way to export a drawing as a bill of materials for visibility of the quantity, dimensions (including angles) material types, price, and supplier.

Is this possible to complete with SketchUp or layout?

Thanks so much!

You could use the Report Generator to create the Bill of Materials. If you are creating components of the objects as you model, those components can be given all sorts of attributes such as materials, price, and supplier. Dimensions will be reported from the size of the component’s bounding box. Angles would need to be added manually as an attribute since bounding boxes always have square corners.

You can use LayOut to create shop drawings or other required documentation. That could include the report from Report Generator, too.

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Yes. Please see below. You can insert the Sketchup view and csv file in Layout. And use the smart label to tag the items with any of component options in Layout for the documentation.

The basic set of dynamic components for many variations.

In component options, you can give data manually or use formula. The price and installation costs are not actual in here. Formulas are similar to Excel formulas.

Go to Generate Report under File dropdown menu.

In here, you can choose attributes to be reported and sorted as csv format file.

Which can be opened by Excel.

Unless you’re familiar w/ SketchUp, I would say start small. And upgrade it as you learn more.