BOM / BIM / Catalog / Quote / Parts List Generator Plug-IN or solution

We use Sketchup Extensively to provide 3D graphics for our office furniture products.

We have worked with 2 partners (with no success) to develop a catalog function for Sketchup that will export to a consolidated Bill of Materials. There are industry specific programs (See 2020 Technologies & CET Designer for examples) but neither are as fast or as easy to model in as sketch-up.

We have our own catalog of components that are labeled with the correct product code/name/list price.

Basically what we need is very simple: Ability to create an exported quote from a model or selected area of a model.
Additional functionality would be the ability to apply / select finishes for a product from a pre-determined selection of finishes. (Example, select a desk leg then select the finish, the selected finish would populate in the quote when exported)

Be very glad of ideas/solutions to this challenge - maybe there’s a plug-in we’ve overlooked?

Right now we are doing manual counts… very time consuming and human error issues play in.

Can you give examples of the furniture that you buld

SketchUp Pro 2018 contains a “Generate Report” function that allows you to generate part lists. Only it depends on how the (dynamic) components are built and whether an unambiguous model structure is used in the outliner.

Could you upload an example?

BHA120-F9-WHT.skp (1.6 MB)

Thanks for sharing the component.

With the component structure that you use now, I understand that its hard to create a correct partlist.

Why do you use so many groups in combination with components without logical names?

If you use a consistent stucture you can create a partlist with the generate report function in SketchUp Pro.

  1. First you can select whether you want to select the entire model or your selection.
  2. Then you can use the “Component Nesting Levels” to filter the right parts in the project.
  3. Select the parameters that you want to report.
  4. Select the right units
  5. Run Report.

If you want more information about nesting levels in components check this webpage:

I agree with @nnijmeijer, your use of groups without logical names and the excessive nesting (the cable management grommet is a simple example of excessive nesting) create problems for getting useful reports. I would suggest revisiting your workflow and your model structure. It is indded possible to get the information you need but the model needs to be built with that in mind.

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