Is there an extension that will let me exchange data between SketchUp and a spreadsheet?

I’m looking for an extension that will let me transfer data about a component in SketchUp to a spreadsheet. However, I want to be able to add the data to the component, such as a serial number, and transfer information like that to a spreadsheet. Does anyone know if there’s an extension that lets me do that? I’ve already looked at Wisext’s extension but I couldn’t figure out how to add multiple attributes and transfer that to Excel.

Thank you!

Discussed many times …

You can actually do this by adding custom dynamic component attributes. The Generate Report feature can see DC attributes and Classifications (ie, IFC or create your own custom schema.)

Then the report can be saved out (Download button) in CSV for import to a spreadsheet.

Thank you for your help! I’m going to use the dynamic component attributes method. If I generate a report and download it as an Excel file, is there a way I can change values in the Excel file and it’ll reflect that change in SketchUp?

No. The Generate Report is output only. And it is not in spreadsheet format, it is in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.

There are some extensions that export directly to and read from an Excel instance.