Create a bill of materials with SU2XL: your feedback


SU2XL is a data exchange tool between SketchUp and a spreadsheet. It is a tool that offers more features than SketchUp’s Generate Report:

  • All elements of the model can be exported (edges, surfaces, groups) and not only the components.

  • It allows to add custom attributes that precisely characterize your exported elements.

  • You can specify the exact export format of the .csv file. Under Windows the extension can directly open an Excel file where the data will be written.

  • The data exchange is two-way: data changes written in a spreadsheet can also be reflected in SketchUp.

SU2XL has been available for several years for free on the Extension Warehouse: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

This extension has been recently upgraded with an attribute manager that allows to dynamically manage the attributes tagging the entities. Attribute Manager in SketchUp - YouTube

This video explains an example of calculation of the heating power using SU2XL: Calculate the heating power with SketchUp - YouTube

You will find more explanation on the site:

The purpose of this post is to start a communication with the users. Feel free to give me your feedback and to report bugs. A list of features that should be implemented in the future and a list of identified bugs are available here:

19 May 2022: Version 0.600.2 of the SU2XL extension has been released. You can now export your data to Excel as a table by specifying the table name in the export parameters. Don’t want a table format? Simply leave this field empty.

I saw this pop up in the forum and saw that there is not much feedback happening. I figured I might be able to give you a few cents worth of free advice (please feel free to ignore).

After reading both posts, I am still not quite sure what your extension actually does. You might get more feedback from users of these forum if you were to explain the value of using this extension or workflows that could be aided. To that point, the name of the extension and title of this post don’t do much to entice people to come check out what you have going on. I am only making suggestions in the hopes that you get some good interaction and feedback, but a little more info could go a long way.

As I said, this was unsolicited advice, so please feel free to ignore it!

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I have to agree with @TheOnlyAaron .
I wanted to try your extension but didn’t know how to use it. I would appreciate better tutorial for it.
I sought the tuts of yours but it was kind of too fast and just music back round. I did not find it very useful for me. But i would love to have a closer look and use of su2xl. Looks very use full.

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Hi Aaron, Hi Miroslav,

I put a like to your reactions. It is not to please for free. Your reactions are of great value, by their content and also their courtesy. And no, @TheOnlyAaron, I’m certainly not going to ignore it!).
If my extension is still in beta version, you confirm that my communication is in alpha.

I’m taking your suggestions into account. The title of the post should at least be something like Create a Bill of Materials with SU2XL: your feedback. I should probably also insist in my presentation on the notion of bill of materials or quantity survey, which is the main idea of the extension.

@Pupoksveta: message well received, I have to create a tutorial for those who use the extension for the first time, in a didactic mode. Note that there are also explanations in the form of a mix of text and image on my site: SU2XL - Wisext and Attribute Manager - Wisext. But I admit that I have to improve them.

For a future version, I was also thinking about simplifying the toolbars and commands to make it easier to use the first time (and after). And maybe a new and more meaningful name for the extension (Report++ or something like that). But that’s another thread.

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You can edit the initial post (presentation) at any time. Also only you can change the topic title by going into post edit mode for the initial post. When in the edit mode, a pencil icon will appear to the right of the topic title which allows you to edit the title.

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Thank you Dan for your practical explanation. I made some modifications in the topic title and the initial post.