PlugIn for exporting "tiles-list"

I am actually searching for an extension with wich it is possible to export data about my grouped elements into an excel-format.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what to choose best?

What kind of data do you want to export?

I won´t need any cost-calculation: this will happen afterwards in ecxel :wink:
I need an extension wich is able to export:

  • names of grouped objects
  • their materials
  • their volume in m³
  • area “painted” with material in m²
  • lenghts of objects

although the generate report will do this, based on your previous posts, pipe components and understand DCs, I would recommend profile builder 2 by Whaat (currently discounted) from the extension warehouse,

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Thank you for that hint, pcmoor!
I´m just having a look at that extension and perhaps it´ll make it :wink:

Hi Proelan

Pb2 can definitely do this. Make sure you check out the Quantifier videos at

If you have any questions, just let me know!

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