Generate Report by material

Hey guys!

I´ve tried to generate report by material, but I was not succefull. What is wrong? How is the correct workflow?


Do you have groups or components for each square or is it just a bunch of loose geometry?

I made this just to know how it works, so, I can apply this feature in the nexts projects.

And yes, it is just a bunch of loose geometry!

Try making each square a group or component and rerun the report.

I tried but I’m still not succeeding. This is the file test.skp (266.1 KB)

I wanna do something like this:

It seems quite simple, but I really don´t know how to do or set the file to do the generate report like that…

Hello @Eduardo

Generate Report does not support counting material area.

This plugin does … Eneroth Material Area Counter — Extension Warehouse

One can easily copy/paste the results into their favorite spreadsheet.

Ok, thank you! @Geo

Until now, I set up the area/materail shortcut as Alt+Ctrl+M. So, by clicking over material and typing that shortcut it is possible to take out the measuraments and put into Excel…

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