Can anyone help develop a plugin for SketchUp for me?


I would like to create a plugin for sketchup. I live in the East Midlands, England and would ideally like someone local.

The plugin would need to be able to export the information held within the sketch up model, like floor, wall, roof areas and linear lines into an excel spreadsheet or a predefined XML scheme.

I have already managed to do this by using other plugins and with my own excel coding. So i can send information through of how I managed to get this to work but it’s a manual process and I want the plugin to automate it.

I don’t think this is a big job

If people know of anyone who can help with this please let me know.

Kind regards


Would this be an extension related to 3D Warehouse? (Seeing that’s there you posted this.)

Might be better to move this to the Developers section:

(And I think most developers would like to have a hint at what the job might involve. Large, small, topic.)

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Thank you - I have updated :slight_smile:

can maybe any of these following extensions from the Extension Warehouse already fulfill your needs:

There will always be required the manual labeling of the faces to be exported (ie, walls, floors, roof planes, etc.) The manual labeling would either save labels to plugin specific attribute dictionaries, or use SketchUp’s classification system.

Hello I currently use the third link to get the data out of the sketch up model. The excel spreadsheet that i have them drops the data in a predefined XML scheme which i can then import. (manually)

I was hoping for some to make something like the third one which could automatically export the data to a XML

Which then is imported into a third party software

The Ruby standard library which comes with SketchUp has an XML toolkit

There are also quite a few gems that can create XML files (but several are problematic to incorporate into SketchUp extensions.)

But since XML is a plain text file type, a coder can also use the Ruby core File class methods to write out XML files.

Good to know something similar exist. I just need to find someone to create it.

One more thing to add - The information I export from sketch up is only one part of the assessment there is information that is still required that can’t come from the sketch up model. I was hoping the plugin would help with this