I would like to hire a developer

I am looking to have a sketch up plugin developed to help me in my work and was wondering if anyone here would be

The plugin essentially needs to output (to a spreadsheet) a number of parameters for every room in a simplified model of a building. The parameters it needs to output are the areas, materials and direction of all elements in the room. By elements, I mean walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings and roofs. As well as this, it should output the name of the room adjacent to each element. So for example if the element is a wall, it should output the name of the room on the other side of the wall.

I hope to build on this initial functionality to develop a larger overall application afterwards.

If anyone is interested in this project, I can send on a more detailed description of what I require.

How did you go with this, any luck getting a developer?

I am available

I am interested

Are you still available?